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Reverend Edwin J. Wichman
Reverend Edwin J. Wichman
Parish Phone: 412 -795-5114

From the Desk of Father Ed

It would generally be bad manners to make unnecessary noises in a library or a museum. The church is also a very sacred place where silence should be valued. There are those who come to church early to wind down and recollect prior to the celebration of Mass. Recently, several parishioners have asked me to ask for folks to curb their conversations before Mass. Sometimes, we get caught up in the moment and don't even realize how high our volume is while we are sharing a thought. Please be considerate of those who wish to pray and reflect before the start of Mass. Try to relegate any unnecessary conversations to the vestibule.

Although we don't often think of it as much these days, the Laws of the Church ask us to receive Holy Communion during the Easter time. That time is now! Make an attempt to get to confession and then fulfill your Easter duty. Receiving the Eucharist strengthens us to be more faithful in following gospel values.

Our school is having its annual Marathon on May 11th. It's actually a relaxed day (hopefully the weather will cooperate) when the children walk, dance and play games. At one time, people pledged a certain amount of money for each mile that was walked. Now, it's simply asking for a contribution on behalf of a child or their family. Please participate in this event by making a special contribution to be credited to a particular child, family or class. Your continuing support is appreciated and keeps Catholic school education alive in our parish.

Registrations are accepted for our school throughout the year. We offer a fine program grounded in strong Catholic values. Our gifted faculty provides quality instruction in a loving and caring environment. Think about the possibility of having your child, grandchild or neighbor enrolling in our school. Financial assistance is available. Call the school office for more information or to register.

As the weather gets better, traffic gets heavier on our property. Sometimes there are incidents of vandalism. Please keep aware of anything that is going the wrong way and do not hesitate to call the police if needed. We try to maintain a beautiful campus and those efforts increase in cost each year. Your vigilance is appreciated.