Please Remember St. Joseph Parish in your will. A Pennsylvania Charitable Trust.

Pray for St. Joseph Parishioners

Pray For Parishioners
Please pray for all those in our parish who are in need especially the sick at home; in nursing homes and hospitals; the unemployed; those who have lost a loved one and those who feel isolated or abandoned. In particular, we ask you to pray for:
Yvonne Mosco, Mary Henry, Ross Orgera, John DeRiggi, Peggy Tomes, Carol Harrity, Phyllis Cosnotti, Don Tappe, Catherine Milewski, Cecilia Condon, Colleen Strahler, Dom Mastrogiacomo, Shirley Leras, Janet Sendek, Sally Miller, Joe H., Dorothy Morrissey, Elaine Wertz, Randy Barker, Sonny DeRiso, Bill Gould, Michael Fanzo, Guy DeCarlo, Tom Medved, Jack Martz, Rene Olean, Dolores Sciullo, Gia Regan, Tim McKee, Jim Cunningham, Cookie Bigenho, Mary Ann Kralovic, Catherine Vertullo, Alice Havics, George Gerneth, Loretta Williams, Virginia Grilli, Denny Lake, Nick Maiorca, Mary Ann McDermott, Dolores Matthews, Mary Leffakis and Dave Gartner.