Pray for St. Joseph Parishioners

Pray For Parishioners
Please pray for all those in our parish who are in need especially the sick at home; in nursing homes and hospitals; the unemployed; those who have lost a loved one and those who feel isolated or abandoned. In particular, we ask you to pray for:
Yvonne Mosco, Mary Henry, Ross Orge­ra, John DeRiggi, Peggy Tomes, Carol Harrity, Phyllis Cosnotti, Don Tappe, Catherine Milewski, Cecilia Condon, Colleen Strahler, Dom Mastrogiacomo, Shirley Leras, Janet Sendek, Sal­ ly Miller, Joe H., Dorothy Morrissey, ElaineWertz, Randy Barker, Sonny DeRiso, Bill Gould, Michael Fanzo, Guy DeCarlo, Tom Medved, Jack Martz, Rene Olean, Dolores Sciullo, Gia Regan, Tim McKee, Jim Cunningham,_Cookie Bigenho, Mary Ann Kralovic, Catherine Vertullo, Alice Havics, George Gerneth, Loretta Williams, Vir­ginia Grilli, Denny Lake, Nick Maiorca, Mary Ann McDermott, Dolores Matthews, Mary Leffakis and Dave Gartner