To The Parishioners of St. Joseph's Parish

As you know our cluster has been formed as of October 15, 2018. Please visit opvcatholic,org from this point on to find information about mass schedules and events, etc. happening at St. Joseph's Church.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to create and maintain St. Joseph's Church website, especially with the number of hits this website has produced since November 2015.

I will be continuing to maintain from this point forward. Not sure what to do yet with the domain name "" yet, but, may make a history site of st. joseph church in the future.

I will have a dvd of Father Ed & Father Faustine's mass and banquet celebration if anyone is interested in a copy. Contact me at : or call 412-417-5570 and leave a message. All proceeds go to St. Joseph School.

A Prayer To Father Ed Wichman

You came from among us to be, for us, one who serves. We thank you Father Ed Wichman, for ministering Christ to us and helping us minister Christ to each other. We are grateful for the many gifts you bring to our community: for drawing us together in worship, for visiting us in our homes, for comforting us in sickness, for showing us compassion, for blessing our marriage, for baptizing our children, for confirming us in our calling, for supporting us in bereavement, for helping us to grow in our faith, for encouraging us to take the initiative, for helping the whole community realize God's presence among us. For our part, we pray that we may always be attentive to your needs and never take you for granted. You, like us, need friendship and love, welcome and a sense of belonging, kind words and acts of thoughtfulness. May we be willing to forgive and may they be open to healing. Let us support one another during times of crisis. God our Father, we ask you to bless Father Ed Wichman and confirm him in his calling. Give him the gifts they need to respond with generosity and a joyful heart. We offer this prayer for Father Ed Wichman, who is our brothers and friend. Amen